7 Standout Galleries from ART NEW YORK 2019


ART New York 2019 at Pier 94
(Art New York 2019, Photo courtesy of the Art New York Fair) 

Art New York 2019 was definitely one for the books; showcasing noteworthy and fresh works by important artists from the contemporary, modern, post-war and pop eras. The works consist of paintings, photography, prints, drawings, designs and sculptures; by nearly 300 artists represented by 70 international galleries across 50 cities in 18 countries. With so many artists and galleries, one could find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude. 

Here's a list of seven booths I felt stood out. I chose the following galleries based on presentation, vision and engagement. The list isn't in any particular order, rather, a round up of my favorites from the show. 


7 Standout Galleries from ART NEW YORK 2019 

Jerkface at Art New York 2019, Taglialatella Galleries

1. Taglialatella Galleries

Taglialatella Galleries at Art New York, 2019 presented “Eat Your Spinach,” the first site-specific installation designed by Jerkface. This video-booth activation was made possible by One Chance Media and Stella Artois. Taglialatella has locations in New York City, Palm Beach, Paris and most recently, Toronto in partnership with Charles Khabouth and Danny Soberano of Ink Entertainment. Each of the galleries locations are dedicated to producing engaging, entertaining exhibitions throughout the year, promoting the work of each represented artist continue reading... 

Jerkface at Art New York 2019, Taglialatella Galleries

Chase Contemporary

2. Chase Contemporary

Chase Contemporary unveiled 5 never-before kinetic works by esteemed artist, inventor, & pioneering engineer Chuck Hoberman. Hoberman’s work is a combination of precise mathematics and an integration of organic movements inspired by nature. Chase’s core program is to exhibit both blue chip art as well as work by emerging and mid-level career artists, catering to both the established and beginning collector continue reading... 

Ai Bo Gallery

3. Ai Bo Gallery

Ai Bo Gallery features artwork that stands out and translates across multiple arenas of discourse, culture and art history, presenting works from Dinh Quan, Koichi Matsufuji, Juvenal Ravelo, John Petrey, Yaacov Agam, Joshua Hersham, and most notable Jens Christians Wittig. The gallery encourages its artists to experiment and expand their concept and practice while pursuing the balance of innovative creative ideas with a highly visual approach continue reading...



NG Art Gallery

4. NG Art Gallery

Established since 2014 in Panama City, Panama, NG Art Gallery is centered in promoting the art of Cuban and Latin American artists; NG has expanded through an annual circuit of international art fairs (mainly in the United States, Latin America and Europe) and exhibitions in both Panama City and Havana. The Gallery presented works from emerging artists Jorge Ortero, William Acosta, Jose Angel Vincench continue reading...

Waterhouse & Dodd

5. Waterhouse and Dodd

Waterhouse & Dodd has mounted some major exhibitions in its galleries, from Impressionist paintings to Contemporary European, American and also Middle Eastern and Arab art, and exhibits at some of the most important art fairs in the world. For Art New York 2019, Waterhouse & Dodd presented works by Jean- Francois Rauzier. The gallery has been Rauzier's exclusive agents in the USA, Uk and Middle East since 2009 continue reading...


Color and Draw Products at Crayola

Cava ado

6. Galleria Ca' d'Oro

Galleria Ca’ d’Oro is viewed as one of Rome’s leading contemporary art galleries, with additional locations in Miamia and Rome. Established in 1970 by Antonio Porcella, the son of Amadore Porcella, one of the most notable art critics of his time, who wrote for L’Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of Vatican City. The Gallery is presently run by Antonio's daughter, Gloria Porcella, who had an incredible vision to introduce more contemporary Italian art to the U.S. market. Galleria Ca' d'Oro presented works by Peter Demetz, Michaela Lattanzio, Ewa Bathelier, Michelangelo Bastiani, Lorenzo Perrone, and Melissa Herrington continue reading...

Lucia Mendoza

7. Lucia Mendoza Galeria De Arte 

Lucía Mendoza is a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Madrid, Spain. Established in 2014, the gallery includes artists from different countries and cultures whose contemporary work demonstrate a unique awareness of space and perspective; highlighting the Lucia Mendoza's artistic direction for the gallery, as a mirror of today's society, in its broadest and most complex sense, as well as its interaction with the environment continue reading...


 ARTSY is a great source for buying art and following up on all the galleries I missed. Click here to get a full round here


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