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Getting to know Down to Earth Original

Down to Earth Original is an American Clothing Company founded by, Johnny Germano in April of 2018. Having a background in education; Johnny built the young brand from his experiences teaching in New York City. He discovered that their had to be some done to influence the eating habits and life skills of the youth in Harlem. He felt that many of the kids lacked respect and a deep connection for their environment, so he created Down to Earth.  

DTEO promotes sustainability and a healthy lifestyle, by fostering programs and experiences for young students in Harlem, NY. These experiences help strengthen their responsibility for the earth, by teaching the children how to cultivate their own fruit and vegetable gardens. 

Johnny Germano

As an educator, I couldn't believe the way students were feeding themselves, not to mention the manner in which they regarded their environment afterward. The packaged "foods" they were eating were riddled with preservatives, dyes, and fillers which contained little to no nutritional value. 

I thought to myself, how can there be more awareness and more light on this massive change already happening? What if there was a brand that responsibly sourced shirts and hats, and used its leverage to create as many gardens as possible? What if that brand served as foundation for schools to soon be completely self-sustaining?

Amazingly, the more time I spent trying to solve this issue, the more amazing people I met. Many of them eager to get involved and many who have already educated and inspired the minds and hearts of these young whippersnappers through the practice of gardening. 

Okay, you get it. Let’s take this one hat or shirt at a time. I promise, together we are creating a beautiful change in the world.

~ Johnny Germano 

Down to Earth Original


Down to Earth Original

Down to Earth Original

My Impression

I think Down to Earth Original is a cool brand. Shirts and hats are well crafted, soft to the touch, and cozy fit; being made up of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. The brand also seems to have its heart in the right places. I'm all about sustainability and passing on valuable life skills to our generations. I see Down to Earth becoming a pioneering brand that can successfully up the social consciousness through horticulture, education, art and design. 


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