Keni Valenti x Bluefly Join Forces for "Black & Blue"

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Some time ago, I had the opportunity to experience the "Black & Blue" Exhibition/Sale;  partnered by fashion legend Keni Valenti and internet retailer Bluefly. The event was held at Phillips Auction House in New York City; commemorating Bluefly's 20th anniversary and launch of B.Timeless. The exhibition featured an assorted cast of blue mannequins, all cleverly styled by Keni Valenti and his Vintage Couture Collection. The collection consists of 20,000 extraordinary vintage pieces, by designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Theirry Mugler and Balenciaga to name a few. The exhibition took place October 22nd - 27th. You can purchase items from Valenti's Collection exclusively on 

Who is Keni Valenti anyway?

Hailing from Queens, NY, Keni Valenti is an american designer, stylist, collector, and historian. His career in fashion started after he assisted fashion designer, Betsy Johnson, on her very first fashion show. That led to Valenti establishing his name as a sought-after stylist and fashion presence. He would also serve as an accessories designer for Fiorucci; opening up his own store in East Village. The store focused mainly on American designs primarily denim, plaid and chambray. After acquiring status as, "The Next Halston" by Time Magazine; Valenti sold his store to a Japanese investor who also worked with him to cultivate his lifestyle brand. Keni lived in Japan and Paris there after, but ultimately decided to come back to the states. Upon returning to New York, Keni found himself making clothes for all the Club Kids who made places like The Tunnel, Limelight, and Palladium legendary haunts. Keni also opened up a salon on West 30th st, where every major fashion editor, stylist and designer frequented religiously. Desiring another change in scenery, Valenti made his way to Miami. There, he built the Museum of Fashion; producing 28 curated shows highlighting YSL, Lily Pulitzer and many others. Today, Valenti is camped in Joshua Tree, CA, where he continues his work hunting for the best and rarest in fashion. 

Why Bluefly? 

Bluefly was established in 1998 as an e-commerce company dedicated to luxury and contemporary fashion. Over the years, Bluefly has garnered fame with features on Project Runway, the Bluefly Closet Confessions series, and The Devil Wears Prada. The Bluefly website offers three stores within its platform: B.LUXE, B.Timeless, and B.Trendy. Each store offering customers the ability to shop mix-and-matched designers and street styles to create a single look. To celebrate its 20th anniversary and the launch of B.Timeless; Bluefly sponsored the "Black & Blue" exhibition featuring the Collection of Keni Valenti.

My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. Keni Valenti's way of bringing out the best of each designer piece is impeccable. There were moments when I couldn't tell if the mannequins were live models. Curation of the space was well thought out and atmospheric. If I had $10,000 to reinvent my style, there are a few things out of Mr. Valenti's closet I'd have to walk away with. My favorites from the Valenti collection are, the "NASA Cotton Jumpsuit" c. 1984 $395 and "World's End" by Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood Men's Keith Haring Buffalo Gals c.1982 $6,000. His unrivaled collection speaks volumes about his taste and vision; leaving a viable living history of the finest in couture. 
Check out more from Bluefly and Keni Valenti here, and  Phillips Auction House .  
"World's End" by Malcolm Mclaren and Vivienne Westwood Men's Keith Haring Buffalo Gals c.1982
"NASA Cotton Jumpsuit" c. 1984

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