Day in the Life: Spying on the Louis Vuitton SS19 Collection by Virgil Abloh


My adventure started like any other millennial who follows fashion: on Instagram.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Back in January, Cultural Renaissance man, Virgil Abloh debuted his new SS19 Collection, by posting a few dope installations he did at different Louis Vuitton Flagships around the world. Conveniently, one of the installations happened to be located close to my house; so I decided to check it out. 

Following the Ultra YellowBrick Road



When I arrived at the Louis Vuitton Flagship store, I was pleased to find the 12-story installation beaming on 57th and 5th ave. No matter what corner of the block you stood on; you saw Virgil's shimmery model, bright as day. Alas, a building sized art piece wasn't enough to satiate my fashionable appetite.

I walk into the store inquiring about where I could find more of Virgil's installations, and the clerks in unison tell me to follow the "Yellowbrick Road" to the Meatpacking district. That, I'll be pleasantly surprised with what I find there. Naturally, I was weirded out by this entire interaction, but in a good tingling way. So, I hop on my trusty mechanical steed, and head to the address provided to me by the staff. 

Journey Continues, next stop CHROME HEARTS 

You may be asking yourself, what's Chrome Hearts? Chrome Hearts is a brand of high end silver jewelry, founded in 1988 by Richard Stark. Originating in Los Angeles, CA; the brand also produces gold, diamond accessories, leather, clothing, furniture, incense, and eye wear. They also make some delicious dark chocolate. 

The space itself is absolutely stunning. The exposed cement walls and floors create a comfortably provocative atmosphere. Long castle-like chandeliers hang from cavernous ceilings; complimenting elegant furnishings designed by Robert Stark and Virgil Abloh. 


What a perfect backdrop for Louis Vuitton's SS19 Collection.  The residency found its harmony blending Virgil's retro pop - progressive flavor, with Richard Stark's textured and ornamented chrome visions. The Collection didn't win me over with its technicolor themes from the classic movie: The Wizard of Oz. But after having some time to fully digest the impressive palette of outfits and look possibilities, I might have found the Emerald City after all.

Here are My Top 3 Picks from the Collection

1. LV Trainer Sneaker Boot by Virgil Abloh, $1,600.00 

"The idea is to detect chic. I think that culture is an inexhaustible source of absolute beauty. So I try to create things that are current, up-to-date and timeless, but of exceptional quality." Virgil Abloh



2. Louis Vuitton Trenchcoat, $3,350.00

In line with the collection's central theme, this classic trenchcoat is a perfect traveling piece, with its removable shoulder section creating an alternative wearing. Fluid and dynamic, it incorporates all the detailing of a sophisticated coat, such as belted cuffs and hidden front buttons.

3. Poppies Hoodie, $1,600.00

One of the collection’s statement pieces, the Poppies Hoodie gives pride of place to the season’s floral pattern. It is reproduced as a woven jacquard motif on velour fil coupé: a membrane between the two layers of fabric contributes a distinctive rounded shape. A relaxed fit and black ribs at the waist and cuffs reference this season’s casual vibe.

End of the Road 

Check back soon to find out where I end up next.

Also be sure to visit the links below for more looks and ideas.  




Virgil Abloh:

Instagram: @VirgilAbloh 


Louis Vuitton:

Instagram: @louisvuitton

Address: 1 E 57th St, New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 758-8877


Chrome Hearts:

instagram: @chromeheartsofficial 

Address: 755 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

Phone: (212) 327-0707


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