A Brandless Pop-up Experience with Purpose

Pop-Up with a Purpose 

My recent adventures led me to a pop-up experience hosted by Brandless; an e-commerce company that manufactures and sells food, beauty and personal care products, as well as household supplies. The Shop was located at the Milk Building on 459 W. 14th Street, from October 24th - November 4th. Nothing was actually for sale, but all were welcome to experience the 300 + products Brandless had to offer. The experience opened my awareness to a great number of Americans struggling with of food insecurity. 

Brandless | Better Stuff, fewer dollars, it's that simple

Food Insecurity in America 

In the United States, 1 in 8 people struggle with hunger. The term is called Food Insecurity, and describes a households inability to provide enough quality food for all inhabitants. Food Insecurity has a lasting affect on an individuals' psyche; creating a state of consciousness where one chooses between, affording where they live to how they live. The facts is, food insecurity has a deep root in undesirable circumstance like poverty, unemployment and underemployment, medical issues and the list goes on. That's why Brandless and Feeding America -- the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization -- have partnered up to donate a meal to someone facing hunger and food insecurity at every checkout. 

Brandless Food Stand

Tangible Acts of Kindness 

Founded by Ido Leffler and Tina Sharkey, Brandless launched in July 2017 with a selection of 115 items, centered around health and being environmentally-conscious. Brandless has donated over 1.5 million meals through their partnership with Feeding America; a core component built into the business model by Leffler and Sharkey. The company has a social mission to make quality goods accessible and affordable, as well as; providing meals for people in need. Every product is sold for $3.00—or two for $3 or three for $3, and count as one meals donated through Feeding America. Foods are GMO-free, health and beauty items are cruelty-free, and paper products adhere to sustainable forestry practices. In an interview with Whole Foods magazine, Sharkey explains, their donations are "one way to help positively impact the 40 million people in this country facing food insecurity, but it's just the start. We want to inspire and empower our community to make a difference." 


My Throughts on living a #Brandlesslife 

In my opinion, Brandless is doing a great job at providing value to the greatest number of people possible. They have managed to democratize access to quality, and make a lasting change in our community. During the pop-up experience, the staff were amazingly helpful and full of useful information on everything concerning the state of the country and how Brandless has got our backs. Those that hashtagged #brandlesslife on their social networks also had the opportunity to donate a meal, showing the immense amount of love Brandless has for the community. I support the cause and encourage you to check them out. Plus you can't beat that $3 price tag! 

Brandless "Take Care" Collaboration with Julia Marsh 

#Brandlesslife community mail 

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