Redefining Recovery with Adidas AFTER:MILES


Redefining Recovery

On Nov 4th, 2018, the TCS New York City marathon hosted thousands of running communities on a 26.2 K run across New York City; Adidas Runners NYC were among those communities. Adidas Runners consist of dynamic creators of all levels across the world; united by a common ambition for personal growth. Adidas Runners are quite unique too, leaving an admirable impression among like minds. After the marathon, Adidas powered up an afterparty, AFTER:MILES; as a place for runners and enthusiasts to redefine recovery.

AFTER:MILES powered by Adidas, 2018

Ambitions of a Community 

From what I've gathered, Adidas Runners NYC is a community, mindful of many topics like strength, recovery, and nutrition. They also give runners an outlet to explore; discovering what makes each individual unique, building a global community of robust athletes. Life is a story waiting to be explored, and the Adidas Running Community encourages its runners to unfold the edges of that story in full radiance. 

AFER:MILES powered by Adidas, 2018

Thoughts and Reflections

AFTER:MILES was great! It was the talk about personal growth, friendship, and sports; or maybe it was the afterparty refreshments that had me sold! Any who, I took to the Adidas Runners website and signed up. Pleased to see the community board active with upcoming events, there was also a section for athletes of every kind; sharing stories and passions. Final verdic, a start to a beautiful running-ship. 


Join us for a run at: or @adidasrunners / Facebook group

AFTER:MILES powered by Adidas



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