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The goal for is to provide unique content and a quality experiences for its readers between the ages of 16 - 56; utilizing affiliate links to add value and ease for people who shop online, follow the latest sneaker releases, follow art culture, read product reviews and buyers guides, and user recommendations. 

The site was officially launched in October 2018, and is currently growing views daily through social network promotions, making great use of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more.

An up to date product catalog is required to work with 

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WeAre8 - The People's Platform

If you're starting out as an influencer, this app is a great resource to working with sponsors. WeAre8 is a market tested and validated platform to reconnect brands and consumers, rewarding both. Through 8, companies directly sponsor me to create or share their brand story. As a creative, I get to share in that story and provide more great content for my people. It's easy to use and best of all; 8 enable me to donates part of my earnings to Feeding America. A charity close to my heart.




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Jimmy Jazz